• Title: GATES – Building skills for social entrepreneurship. Game based training to answer the disruptive shift that will reshape the youth workforce landscape
  • Running dates:  January 2018 – June 2019
  • Programme:  Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Youth
  • ID number: 2017-2-PL01-KA205-039199


Project’s main objective is to enhance the employ-ability of young people and their position in the labour market, developing their competencies and skills for social entrepreneurship through game based learning.  In order to achieve this main objective, project aims to:

  • Assess the situation of sub-employed young persons.
  • Detect their training needs with regards to social entrepreneurship.
  • Determinate a set of competences and skills (both hard and soft) that define social entrepreneur.
  • Develop a new pedagogical methodology based on games to promote social entrepreneurship among young people.
  • Design a training tool base on a previous pedagogical approach.
  • Build an informal, open and collaborative environment that supports learning and facilitates knowledge and ideas sharing, while promoting joint entrepreneurship activities (peer-mentoring approach).
  • Create a critical mass on project topic and involve different actors, enhancing the multi stakeholder approach.
  • Define the transfer-ability and compatibility of the developed approach to other young people collectives and to other learning areas.